Monday, June 10, 2013

Scooting around!

ily James is on the move. She is over sitting up and now wants to maneuver herself around the living room. The baby is not even 6 months old... She scooted around on her belly all afternoon- backwards of course! I think she'll be crawling in no time.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sitting up...

Lily has started to sit up.  She is 5 months old.  I am looking forward to the new things that she will be doing but also a little scared and anxious about all the changes! She is growing so quickly and it just blows my mind what all she can do now.. She fell out of her nap nanny the other day when I was getting ready.  Scared me to death.. Now all she wants to do is move, roll over, and push her way out of it.. No more leaving her in it to take a shower! She is also eating her food much better than before.  Most of it used to end up on her bib, in her hair, on her toes, pretty much everywhere but in her mouth. We were at my dad's house the other night for Susan's birthday and while she was sitting in Susan's lap I was feeding her applesauce.  She liked sitting in someone's lap as opposed to the bumbo seat.  She ate so well! Swallowed most everything off the spoon.  Susan was proud of her!


Lily James spent the first real two days of summer swimming! She had been to a pool in Destin and had stuck her toes in Smith Lake, but this was real swimming.. She absolutely loved it! I bought her one of those baby floats from wal-mart with the awning and she was ready.  She really liked being in my arms more. Carrie and her little boy, Rhett, came over, and so did Amber and her two kids, Anniston and Garrett.  We went to the pool around 12:30 and stayed till 4:00.  Lily loved sitting on the steps and splashing the water. It was so much fun!